The Importance of Volunteers

Our Volunteers are vital to the work we are doing.

Without willing, compassionate volunteers we couldn’t even begin to reduce isolation in the Western Ward.  Volunteers need to be appreciated and respected, they give their time, willingly.
Here at Leicester Western Ward Linking Lives we are hosting bi-monthly volunteer teas to keep in touch with our volunteers and to show our appreciation for the friendship they are offering to others.
Together we can reduce loneliness and isolation among the over 60’s, in the Western Ward.

Since we began only a year ago we are still a small befriending service but already we have visits taking place each week, coffee and chats, wanders in the park, popping to a coffee shop.  All activities our Link friends haven’t enjoyed for a while and facilitated by our Wonderful Volunteers.

In order to grow we need more volunteers.

Volunteers that are kind, compassionate, friendly and real, real people with real interests to provide real friendships to our Link friends.
Volunteers have to give up time for training, be prepared to undergo reference and DBS checks and be willing to give an hour or 2 of their time each week and be willing to follow all our safeguarding and other policies, they also have to be patient, for I match them carefully with someone whom they can have a genuine friendship with.

We always need more volunteers as there are too many people living in our area that are Isolated and lonely, we can combat this together. If you wish to volunteer or know more about volunteering or if you wish to use our free befriending service contact Sarah 07465431585, or write to
Sarah Tavener
Leicester Western Ward Linking Lives
c/o 22 Triumph Road
And remember Volunteers are unpaid heroes, schemes like ours couldn’t exist without them.