Give funds or give time – Help us to make a difference!

Volunteers are needed to make a difference in the lives of lonely people with in the Western Ward of Leicester, but finding volunteers is not easy.  Why would anyone want to volunteer? with the Linking Lives scheme you volunteer to be a friend to someone which is something we all do everyday so no extra skills are necessary – being yourself is enough.  Being yourself is an amazing gift for the person you could visit through our scheme.  You would be providing company and friendship – someone for them to laugh with, someone they can talk about the weather with, someone they can eat cake with.  All the things they would otherwise be doing alone and all the things that you wouldn’t make time for in your busy lives but you can, you can volunteer to be a befriender with Leicester Western Ward Linking Lives and justify that hour or two a week, to just sit and enjoy the company of a friend.

As a volunteer you will be trained in what we expect, as a professional befriending service and safeguarding, DBS and reference checked, and fully supported with regular invites to tea with other volunteers too.

We also need Funds, every service, every charity, every scheme needs funding so why would you want to give to this scheme.  This is a scheme that is run as a charity no one financially profits from this scheme – all donations cover the running costs.  We regularly provide tea for our volunteers to ensure they feel appreciated and stay connected to the scheme.  We also need funds to begin occasional meals for service users and other lonely adults within the area.  We need to be able to continue this scheme and grow this scheme to meet the needs of the Western Ward of Leicester’s lonely, aging population.  Loneliness and social isolation have a negative impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of a person, we aim to reduce the negative impact experienced in our area.  Research suggests that this scheme will help save other services money in the long term, services like the police and the NHS.

But our scheme costs money to run – if you wish to make a donation please contact us via email or telephone, or donate using the giving page

Every little donated will help us achieve a lot.

For more details email or call 07465431585.

Help us to make a difference give funds or give time.