What an amazing success story

We have had a volunteer visiting one of our ladies for some time (about 9months) and unfortunately our volunteer can no longer commit the time to our befriending scheme – when life’s commitments reduce again she will come back but for now she needs to stop doing weekly visits to our lady.

But wait! I said what a success! An amazing success in fact and it is because although the volunteer can no longer volunteer, her friendship with the lady she has been visiting has become so strong that neither want to lose touch just because of a lack of available time, instead they are going to be proper friends whereby visits occur when it is suitable for both parties around the hectic life of our previous volunteer.  Yes that means the lady won’t have weekly visits but instead she will have a friend on the end of the phone who drops by when she can.  Not because she is volunteering but because they are friends – there lies the amazing success.  These 2 lovely ladies were matched so well that the natural friendship has taken over and developed, conversation flows naturally, the laughter rings out when the two of them are together and all this from an hour a week.  Whilst we lose a volunteer, our lovely lady does not lose her friend but instead they become friends outside of the scheme.

With regards to reducing this ladies level of loneliness we have, with regards to her one request; to laugh again, we achieved this – at this point the lady who needed a friend so much, has one.

Unfortunately the lady will once again be alone for periods of time but her mood is lifted, it is more positive and brighter.  We will, of course reassess this lady with a view to providing her a new volunteer should she wish us to, but in the meantime her heart is happy knowing her friend is only a phone call away.  These two lovely ladies have shared so much over their short friendship, so much that their friendship will live on and we have alleviated loneliness #onefriendshipatatime

If you think you can make this sort of difference to someone

ring Sarah (volunteer coordinator) 07465431585

email sarah.leicslinkinglives@outlook.com

or write to Leicester Western Ward Linking Lives c/o 22 Triumph Road, Leicester.  LE3 8FR

We ask volunteers if they can give as little as an hour or two a week or a fortnight (plus time for induction and safeguarding training, DBS check, references and interview) Put a smile back on someone’s face – end their loneliness by becoming their friend

Together we can make a difference – Giving the gift of friendship!

Our befriending service covers New Parks, Kirby Frith, Braunstone Frith, Western Park and Dane Hills – in Leicester’s Western Ward.