Befriending beyond Covid-19

It isn’t an easy time, friends can’t visit friends, family can’t visit family and children can’t go to the local park to meet other children, the sound of laughter is muted, school playgrounds silent. many of us are working from home too. It is a strange time.

It is not the best time but we can keep in touch, my daughter is currently facetiming her school friend – they can see each other, walk round the house together and laugh together – hearing them laugh is wonderful and a reminder that modern technology can help us through this time. We can call, message, video call or we can go back to basics and send letters and drawings.

But vitally we need to do something to keep intouch, our mental well-being depends on it.

I took part in a loneliness lock in last November – it certainly didn’t prepare me for this. I have the children at home so I know others have it harder if they live alone. For that reason our befriending scheme are continuing to call all of our Link friends, their volunteers call them and the coordinator calls them. We are asking if they need anything when we call, and we are talking. Talking about so much – luckily I can tell them about the craziness of schooling at home, my dogs loving having us home all day. We find reasons to laugh and the conversations are uplifting. We all need that at this time.

Our phoneline is open to calls from 11am til midday Monday to Friday and any calls at the weekend will be returned around work from home availability. Our number is 07465431585 If you need a friendly chat to help you through this time do give us a call.

Our prayers are with our world, our community during this time

Sarah (Coordinator)